What We Do

Campbell's Daily Apple sets out to provide the highest quality apple cider vinegar to its customers. Our Apple Cider Vinegar is produced at Golden Valley Vinegar in those great big, shinny, 50,000 gallon stainless steel tanks. The same tanks that produce Fairchild’s Apple Cider Vinegar. We are not affiliated with GVV other than to buy this product from them.

 If we would not give it to our own livestock, and consume it in the house, we would not sell it to our customers!   

Our Story

Campbell's Daily Apple sources its Apple  Cider Vinegar from the Pacific Northwest's beautiful and productive Treasure Valley.

Steve Campbell, proprietor, originally started offering apple cider vinegar to his own livestock and seeing the benefits.. Since then, Campbell's Daily Apple has grown to service folks across the country.  Our ACV comes from Golden Valley Vinegar, the only manufacturer who makes all of their products EXCLUSIVELY from whole apples.

New Feeding method

A "lick wheel tub" is becoming the feeding method of choice for more and more of our customers. Because my Apple Cider Vinegar product has more of the "good stuff" left in the vinegar it is a thicker product than most. This makes it naturally suited to "climb" up the lick wheel. A couple of benefits here is it keeps one animal from getting more than "her fair share" and it keeps the product covered, thereby reducing the impurities that might be in the area (if you know what I mean).

You can find them at BarnWorld Online.

Heavy Apple Juice

This product comes from the settlings at the bottom of the fermentation tanks where the apples are turned into juice at Golden Valley Vinegar in Fruitland. Once the Apples attain approximately a 6% Alcohol content, the lighter liquid contents are transferred to the acetator where the alcohol is converted into Acetic Acid (Apple Cider Vinegar).

The “Heavy” fermented juice settlings at the bottom of those 50.000 gallon SS tanks is collected and put into 275-gallon totes that I provide to GVV.

There is more energy in the alcohol (Juice) than in the acetic acid (ACV). Cattle struggling with poor quality feed with low energy (typically in the winter) will benefit with the addition of this product offered free choice in a lick wheel tub.

Roping steers in Eastern Wyoming (see additional sheet entitled REBOUND)

“The results have been nothing short of dramatic.  Energy levels were noticeably increased.  The cattle acted and performed with much more enthusiasm.”

Cows in East Texas

Almost every ranch I visit across the southern states has an “energy” shortfall for their cattle. I have been working with a family in East Texas this past year and suggested they try some of the Heavy Apple Juice for their cow herd this winter. At the time the owner was feeding four round bales per day and was seeing his cows haircoats become more frazzled, cows were losing body condition and the cow pies were stacking up. After three weeks of Heavy Apple Juice free choice in a lick wheel tub his cows were: 1) gaining weight, 2) haircoats smoothing back out and 3) cow pies getting back to the proper consistency … AND … 4) he was down to feeding two-and-a-half bales per day. The cost of the juice is 1/3 of the cost of the hay he is saving.

I suggest adding Sea Salt (1/2-1 pound/gallon) to increase mineral consumption and slow the ingestion of the juice. Currently I am using 1 pound/gallon of juice to see what kind of results I can get … Stay tuned.

A fairly new use for this product, and I apologize for the minimal amount of data at this time.

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